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Entry #3

New songs uploaded

2013-01-02 22:47:13 by F4c3Fuck3r


After my incredibly long hiatus, I am back. Though I have been gone a while, I have been writing in the meantime. These new uploads skip some of my less recent (but newer than what was on previously) work. I do not plan to remove these, so feel free to utilize them in an animation or game, etc. (Just make sure to ask first).

Enjoy! Send me a message or comment for critique. I need some solid criticism. I don't get enough as it is.

Newgrounds has a publishing feature... NOW it's all up. Already for 4.SOMETHING stars on the 1st! Enjoy!


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2013-01-08 08:45:41

New songs from you! :3

That's a freakin' good new year start!